Cognetic Rates

At Cognetic Networks, we offer a full line of services, equipment, and support tailored specifically to your needs.  We begin with each client by assessing your goals and crafting an individual solution to achieve those goals.  Whether it's simply configuring a single computer or designing an entire network system complete with regular maintenance and remote administration.  It all depends on your needs.

Our consultants hold professional certifications from industry leaders and work hard to stay abreast of the latest technology developments.  We have the knowledge, skills and commitment to help you implement solutions that match your exact business needs. With courteous technical advice and support around the clock, we’ll help you turn effective technology into a  competitive advantage.



$35/qtr hour

  • Instant Remote Support!
  • Available by the quarter hour.
  • No contract required.
  • Call as needed.
  • Invoiced Weekly.

$125 / hour

  • On-site support.
  • Available by the hour.
  • No contract required.
  • Call as needed.
  • Invoiced Weekly.


  • Flexible bulk rate support.
  • Monthly or Weekly Commitments.
  • Contract is optional.
  • Fixed budget friendly.
  • Invoiced Monthly.

  • One way travel costs incurred only if located outside Sam Houston Toll Road.
  • Emergency & after hour service is $187.50 an hour.
  • After hour service is service outside of M-F 8:30AM – 5:30PM CST business hours
  • Emergency Service is when service is required within 2 hours of service notice.
  • Holiday service rate is $300 an hour.

Need Help Now?

Cognetic offers Remote or Telephone technical support for instant or quick resolutions. Our secure remote technology enables us to remotely access, diagnose, control and fix attended and unattended computers and mobile devices.