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By choosing Cognetic Networks to design, install and certify the wired or wireless infrastructure for your network, you receive the time savings and convenience of working with a single, reliable vendor rather than coordinating efforts with multiple vendors.  Whether you need an additional office or multi-floor building connected and certified, our structured connectivity department is ready to meet your wired or wireless needs.

Certification Testing and Reporting
Cognetic delivers professional, customized, graphical statistical reports ensuring Level IV standards compliance.

Voice Cabling

(Telephone, Fax, Paging, Alarm)

Cognetic Networks installs voice, modem, and fax structured wiring, including all other low-voltage wiring used in phone systems and intercoms, paging systems, etc..

Data Network Cabling

(Copper & Fiber Cabling, Termination, Testing & Certification)

From patch panels to a multi-floor building, our Structured Wiring department is ready to meet your cabling needs.

Fiber Cabling

(Fiber Cabling, Termination, Testing & Certification)

From single or multimode fiber, Cognetic Networks is able to solve your distance, backbone and bandwidth needs; with distance solutions up to 3km and data rates up to 100Gbps.

Server Rooms

(Server and Data Racks, Ladders, Cable Management)

From conception to installation, Cognetic Networks, provides the design, as well as installation, of server rooms, such as racks, ladders, cable management, and termination.

Customer Portfolio

Need Help Now?

Cognetic offers Remote or Telephone technical support for instant or quick resolutions. Our secure remote technology enables us to remotely access, diagnose, control and fix attended and unattended computers and mobile devices.