(WLANs, Wireless Mesh Networks, Wireless Switching, Traditional Wifi)
Remove the wires and restrictions of employee mobility, with Cognetic wireless solutions. Our secure WLAN solutions reduce the connectivity cost by eliminating the need for Ethernet cabling. Cognetic has extensive experience in Hospitality and Large Office wireless deployments.

  • Small, Large and Multi Office Wireless Solutions
  • Hotel Wireless Guest Networks
  • Banquet & Event Facilities

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Aruba Networks
We use Aruba Networks Enterprise Mobility Wireless Networking for small, medium and large secure wireless deployments.
Dell Sonicwall
We use Dell Sonicwall, Inc. Enterprise Wireless Security Solutions for small to medium secure wireless deployments.
We use VisiWave Site Survey to provide advanced data collection and visualization of your wireless network.
Metageek Wi-Spy DBx
Make the invisible visible with our spectrum analyzer. We identify interference in the 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, or 5 GHz public ISM bands.

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WiFi Site Survey, Planning & Design Services
  • Wireless LAN Planning, Design & Reporting
  • Wireless LAN Site Survey & Reporting
  • WiFi Heat Map Coverage, Channel Usage & Performance Analysis
  • WiFi Spectrum Analysis, Interference, Optimization & Troubleshooting
  • Access Point Detection & Location
  • Rogue Access Points Discovery

Recent Wireless Projects

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